What Makes PLA Different

Our Story

Leadership_Definition_Image.jpgIn 2012 the Columbus Medical Association conducted 2-hour interviews with fifty central Ohio physicians and three clear insights came out of those interviews. Physicians were in pain; physicians’ voices were not being heard in leadership capacities, and physicians were patients' best advocates. Although physicians were being asked to lead, they did so with little or no training. 

It was out of this insight and the desire to help central Ohio physicians and their patients, that the Physicians Leadership Academy (PLA) was established by the Columbus Medical Association Foundation. Combining wellness with leadership the PLA has now successfully empowered over 130 central Ohio physicians.

The PLA reconnects practicing physicians with their original purpose for becoming physicians. For most physicians, it was their highest aspiration as human beings. It is a common experience that in the process of their training and engaging in the complexities of modern medicine, this purpose becomes clouded. Through the PLA curriculum, physicians become re-energized around their purpose and the PLA teaches practices that help them stay connected with that higher purpose.

Three key emphasizes of the program are:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Social intelligence
  • Cognitive capacity

Through the PLA’s sessions, you’ll learn to think, relate, and interact with others like never before – from globally recognized, field-expert faculty – alongside a cohort of twenty local peer physicians who are as eager for a breakthrough as you are. 

Each PLA student is matched with an executive coach who helps guide them through their own life and circumstances, making the most of what is taught in the PLA. Your coach will be your one-on-one contact for deciding what your leadership learning priorities are; showing you how to integrate that learning into your work and supporting your overall growth as a leader.

The Columbus Medical Association believes in the program so much, our CMA Foundation has underwritten funding to offer this program at an unprecedented value to you. Click here for tuition information.

We’re committed to helping you discover that “something more” and step into the career and life you really want. For us, it’s an investment in our central Ohio medical community. It’s something we’re honored to give back to you. For you, it’s an investment in your career, your practice, your health, and your life.

Don’t just survive – thrive.